What is EORI?

Although it is advisable to read the published legislation, in particular Regulation 648/2005 and Regulation 312/2009, for goods to be dispatched from 01/01/2011, prior to consignment, the following declarative procedures Charger / exporter will be required:


– Bill of Lading Number

– Full name, address, number of EORI the consignor (if any)

– Full name, address, number of the consignee EORI (if any)

– Full name, address, number of EORI Entity to Notify (if any) is required when the B / L is issued to the order

– Merchandise description as attached example

– Position of the goods tariff – first 4 digits (minimum) or 6 digits (advisable) of the Combined Nomenclature)

– Type of packaging and quantities

– Number of Container

– Seal Number

– Gross weight in Kilos


If these requirements are not provided and timely met, the predicted consequences are as follows:


a) – Goods not board or delay the shipment until they are completed all the formalities
b) – unauthorized merchandise arriving in the port of arrival or transhipment in the European Union
c) – Goods held at the port of entry / or passage in the European Union
d) – Goods retained at the destination port


So they can take stock of the new requirements, we take the liberty of referring attached:


– List of Examples of acceptable and unacceptable merchandise discrimination.

– Circular No 68/2009 of DGAIEC – Directorate General of Customs and Excise Duties on Consumption.


If any doubt persists or may require additional clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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