International Trade

ADR – European Agreement for the transport of dangerous goods by road.

AVERAGE BOND – (General Average) – Payment Guarantee given by the percentage of cargo owners that comes into being fixed by the Adviser Adjuster.

AVERAGE ADJUSTER – Independent Expert appointed to determine the percentage of the responsibilities allocated to each part.

AIR waybill – Load Note prepared by the shipper or his representative, which describes the goods and highlighted the terms of contract between consignor and Air Operator.

Bill of lading – Goods Receipt and Title Transport Agreement.

BAF – Bunker Adjustment Factor (FUEL Adjustment Factor).

BREAK BULK CARGO – Cargo loaded in bulk.

CAD – Cash Against Documents.

CAF – Currency Adjustment Factor (Currency Adjustment Factor).

CARRIER – Operator that provides shipping services, road, rail or air.

OPEN TOP container – container with removable cover that allows the loading from the top.

REEFER container – controllable temperature container and adjustable to the type of goods to be transported.

CASS – Collection System and freight expenses IATA.

CFS – Container Freight Station.

CLEAN ON BOARD – load placed on board without faults or defects either in load or on the packaging.

CONSIGNEE – Cargo Consignee.

COD – Cash on Delivery (Also applies the same acronym for “Country of Destination”).

COS – Cash On Shipment.


CY – Container Yard.

DC – Distribution Centre.

DGR – Rules for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air (IATA).

DME – Declaration of goods available for export.

DUMPING – Export of a commodity for a country at a price below the actual cost of production.

ETD – Estimated date of departure from port of origin.

ETA – Estimated date of arrival at the destination port.

FREIGHT COLLECT – Shipping paid at destination.

FREIGHT PREPAID – Shipping paid at source.

FCL – Full Container.


GENERAL AVERAGE DEPOSIT / garantee – Amount paid or guaranteed by the consignee to receive the load of the owner, or his representative if he has been declared general average.

HOUSE AIR waybill – receiving and shipping document issued by Consolidator (Freight) of cargo transportation by air.

HOUSE bill of lading – shipment certificate issued by Forwarder or Agent Consolidator.

IMO – International Maritime Organisation.

IMDG – International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code.

L / C – Letter of Credit – Revocable – (Letter of Credit) – Irrevocable – Confirmed / Not Confirmed.

LCL – Name used to define part of consolidated cargo in a container.

MULTIMODAL – Shuttle run with resorting to the use of more than one half (Examples: SEA / AIR, Sea / Road; etc.).

NOTIFY PARTY – Individual, Company, Bank, Agent must be notified of the cargo arrival.

OUT OF GAUGE – Cargo whose dimensions exceed those of a container.

SHIPPER – Individual, Company or agent who delivers the payload.

TEU – equivalent to Title 20 container ‘(Example: 2 YOUR = 1 container 40’ (FEU)).

THC – Terminal Handling Charge.

TT – Telegraphic Transfer.